Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Day before Thanksgiving

As I ponder all the things I am grateful for, one continues to stick out. I am grateful for meeting Chris and all my project buddies for my jump into fitness. It has been such a trememdous trip from agonizing over foods I had to give up>>>>>>to the feeling of clarity and healthfulness. I have so much more energy and life to me.

I know that tomorrow will be a challenge but I have committed to working out in the morning and then enjoying the rest of the day. I also am excited to see how well I can do about the eating part. Since we are cooking our dinner at home, I should be able to control the butter, fat and sugar going into our food. I might have fight on my hands about the sour cream and butter in the mashed potatoes with my daughter, but I think I can win her over with chicken broth instead. I will let you know.

I do want to remember all of our troops that are not able to enjoy this thanksgiving with their families. I will remember them in my blessing at the table and encourage all to do the same.

I look forward to the yoga class after thanksgiving! I am going to take my daughters with me and let them see how awesome Chris' class is.

I will blog more after thanksgiving to give details on how I survived and succeeded at staying on track with my fitness and eating program.

Namaste to all.

Monday, September 22, 2008

It seems strange that 12 weeks is over.....

September has really flown by. After 10 days in Hawaii, then right back into work at Delta and also running our business, it seems incredible that we are on our last week of the fitness program.

I cannot emphasize enough what this program has done for me. I feel so much better about myself and look better. I do get a bit discouraged when I look at pictures of me, I should look like ...humm, Megan Fox or something like that, cause I sure feel like her....:) But then, reality sets in and I realize that I still have a "ton" of work to do. Chris has given me the tools to change my life for the better. I whined in the beginning because I was so lethargic, but after the first 2 weeks it all came together.

I still struggle with the hand to mouth thing, I sometimes cannot control the hand feeding the mouth. However, I in the past I was unconscious of the hand to mouth syndrome, now I can recognize it before it happens. So a lot of stuff doesn't actually make it.

I also have learned that paying attention to when you are full makes a difference in how much you eat. I know I used to clean my plate and wonder where dessert was. Now, I try to eat mindfully (which is a struggle) and chew slowly. I do believe I consume less food than I used to.

My thanks goes to Loretta who has been so helpful to me in keeping up and gently prodding me to keep it up. She is truly an unsung hero. I look forward to being the same type of support to her as we end the 12 weeks but want to keep going!

I welcome continuing and growing the relationships of all that I have had the honor of being on the project with.

Last of all, in this post, I am so very grateful for Chris, his guidance, his gentle spirit and kindness that encompasses all he does. He is a great ambassador for fitness and is very easy work with. Not to say he isn't a drill Sargent, but that's also what a great teacher does, he challenges.

I would not have done this project if it wasn't for Chris. I was very unsure of myself and didn't know if I could really be fit ever. I think he sees us for who we can be and helps direct us to become that person. Thanks Chris and all of you for your support.

I will continue my blog on my fitness journey and really enjoy reading all of yours too!!!

Monday, August 18, 2008


After a fantastic Saturday Morning attending the yoga class with Chris, I was really excited to get up and work out this morning. The class was challenging but it really infused me with energy and reconfirmed my desire in this project.

This morning's work out was pleasant enough, even though I sweat like a waterfall. Monday's seem to be a struggle for me but not today. I finished my workout and took a swim to cool down and set the tone for the day. It sets my mood in a positive way, so that all of the stress coming from the day's work will be just like water of a duck's back. People wonder how I can be in such a good mood on Monday Mornings.

I feel so honored to be in this program and to see all of the work everyone does to accomplish their goals. It really helps to know you are a part of a meaningful group.

Let's see what the week brings...tomorrow's strength training....whaaaaaa!