Monday, August 18, 2008


After a fantastic Saturday Morning attending the yoga class with Chris, I was really excited to get up and work out this morning. The class was challenging but it really infused me with energy and reconfirmed my desire in this project.

This morning's work out was pleasant enough, even though I sweat like a waterfall. Monday's seem to be a struggle for me but not today. I finished my workout and took a swim to cool down and set the tone for the day. It sets my mood in a positive way, so that all of the stress coming from the day's work will be just like water of a duck's back. People wonder how I can be in such a good mood on Monday Mornings.

I feel so honored to be in this program and to see all of the work everyone does to accomplish their goals. It really helps to know you are a part of a meaningful group.

Let's see what the week brings...tomorrow's strength training....whaaaaaa!

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Chris said...

Hey Island Girl!!!

Awesome blog! I'm stoked to have another Test Pilot putting it out there like you are.

I love the title of your blog, and it sure makes me long for the ocean. It's been 4 loooong years since I communed with the waves.

You are rocking the Project and now you are gonna rock the blog too.